A public school teacher’s letter of resignation went viral after she posted it to Facebook.  It seems that the reasons for her resignation struck a chord in many.  In her letter, Dr. Wendy Bradshaw outlines how the Common Core  asks students to do things that are developmentally inappropriate, and that children are routinely brought to tears.  “The children don’t only cry. Some misbehave so that they will be the ‘bad kid’ not the ‘stupid kid’, or because their little bodies just can’t sit quietly anymore, or because they don’t know the social rules of school and there is no time to teach them.”    As an independent school, The Waldorf School of Garden City does not adhere to the Common Core.    Our early childhood classrooms are truly gardens for growing children—places that nourish within them the confidence, joyful inquisitiveness and sustaining discipline that will support them throughout the rest of their lives.

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