Creative, Artistic Experience

In our classrooms, children have the opportunity to develop both large and small motor skills throughout the range of directed and child-initiated activities. These activities develop hand to eye coordination, manual dexterity and orientation. Drawing materials are provided, as well as painting and other creative arts and crafts. Children develop both small and large motor coordination in both the indoor and outdoor environment where they learn to stretch their physical abilities in climbing, balance, and learning to manage their own risk taking and boundaries.

heart_artOur students are encouraged to appreciate the natural world in order to help them to value its gifts and to understand its processes and the patterns of the seasons. The beauty of nature, plants, insects and animals is brought to the children with awe and wonder. Outdoor work and play provide opportunities for elementary experiences of science and the four elements. When children make toys from sheep’s wool, wood, felt, cotton and other natural materials they learn about its origin. Nature walks provide an opportunity for the children to appreciate some of nature’s wonders.

Watch: Art as Impression