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Campus Tours

There is no better way to understand The Waldorf School of Garden City then by spending time on campus. Take a campus tour, learn about admission and tuition assistance, and meet administrators and teachers. Be proactive. Ask questions, and then ask some more. Contact us to schedule a personal tour.

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Tours meet in the Main Entrance Lobby and are conducted by the Enrollment Director who will answer any curricular or admission questions you may have.

Informational Events

Early Childhood Open House

At the Waldorf School of Garden City, our teachers understand the relationship between the heart-filled traditions of early childhood education and the cutting-edge research that supports these practices. Meet teachers, tour classrooms, and explore questions while discovering how our nursery, preschool, and kindergarten offerings foster joyful learning and healthy development in our youngest students.

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Parent & Child: Tea and Play
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Introduction to the Nursery

Students in the range of 3 to 4 years old are working hard to discover the world around them, often for the first time without parents by their side. Entry into our Nursery Program provides a safe place to explore. Through a balance of self-initiated play and teacher-led activities, the children build physical, social, and cognitive capacities while learning to be in a community of peers.  

We invite you to attend a special Nursery Information Session (parents only please), hosted by our two Nursery lead teachers, Mrs. Karen Giumenta and Ms. Monica Gallardo. 

The topics to be covered will include: daily activities in the Nursery, separation, toilet training, food and food allergies, media, discipline, rest and nap time, and the Afternoon Care Program. Teachers address your questions about taking the big step to a Nursery program. 

At the Waldorf School, children must be 3 years old by September 1st in order to join the Nursery.

  • These events have passed. Contact admissions for other opportunities.
Introduction to the Mixed-Age Kindergarten


With reverence for the growing child, and through the neural development created by joyful and purposeful movement, music, art, stories, and play, our teachers nurture the developing brain of our young students. On the journey through Nursery, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten, activities that aid the child in achieving developmental milestones and educational objectives are the mainstay of our programs. These milestones lay the groundwork for the ability to focus for longer periods of time in school, to the ordering and sequencing required in math and the inward organizational skills to be a successful reader and life-long learner.

Hosted and presented by a MAK lead teacher, we invite you to learn more about our Mixed-Aged Kindergarten program and why our students who take the journey and graduate from our high school enter prestigious colleges and universities, lead with confidence, and engage with the world in a full and meaningful way.

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A Saturday Morning in the Mixed-Age Kindergarten - TBD

Bring your child to experience the Waldorf kindergarten. Participants will engage in a seasonal craft activity, enjoy free playtime and share a healthy snack. Parents will have an opportunity to meet the faculty.

  • These events have passed. Contact admissions for other opportunities.
Introduction to Grades 1, 2, and 3 - TBD

We invite you to attend a special information session focusing on the curriculum of the early grades. Looking through the lens of the developing young student, hear how lessons in mathematics, language arts, and science develop foundational skills while meeting the child’s growing interest in and curiosity about the world. Understand how the class teacher weaves storytelling, music, and the arts into daily work to touch the heart and lift the spirit of each student. Discover why we do things a little differently in our classrooms and walk away with the confidence that a Waldorf Education is the greatest gift you will ever give your child.

  • These events have passed. Contact admissions for other opportunities.

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Additional Opportunities

Throughout the year we offer various opportunities for you to attend events and learn about the Early Childhood programs. Some of the sessions are for parents only while others are for parents and children together.

In addition to the scheduled information sessions and open houses above, The annual Fall Fair and Spring Festival offer a range of engaging activities for young children to experience while the whole family visits the campus.

“I always feel there is care, sincerity and importance of connection at the Waldorf School of Garden City.” Current Parent

“The faculty and staff at the school view their work as important, purposeful and approach it with the utmost care.” Current Parent

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