“This NYT article resonated with me in particular”, says Chris Bleecker, Director of Admissions at the Waldorf School of Garden City.  In addition to her full time job at Waldorf, Dr. Bleecker works as a professor at Manhattan College and consultant with an educational group with offices in Queens and Long Island. She is also parent to a 5 year old daughter and at 17 year old international student from China.  “There are some weeks where I am feel like I am holding on, as the river of responsibilities, washes over me”, she says.  Bleecker’s husband is a hands on parent, but there are still many competing interests on her time.  “How women are able to fulfill their professional responsibilities and balance family life is a constant question for me.  I am lucky to have the children at the Waldorf School of Garden City.  The approach to education is not only grounding to them, but for me as well.  An appreciation of the simple things, helps me stay focused on what my priorities should be.”

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